Forests of words, seasonally cropped on limbs upon limbs, and then dropped to the ground and scattered to the skies like leaves in a late autumn wind. Platitudes, raked into piles and burned, or bagged and thrown away, and remembered no more.

But, among these, trophies emerge, apt words, vested verbiage that capture the essence of a moment, that open the mind, or feed the soul, or rally to action; spoken at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, and, perhaps, by the right person. Such words are remembered and repeated, cherished and treasured, and will be so, until the time for words passes away.

As for you, seek to speak aptly. Whether many or few, employ words gainfully such that others might listen, and discover that you have something to say worth remembering.

© 2010 K. Lynn Lewis