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Speaking Topics

Interested in a guest speaker live or online in any of the following CATEGORIES and Topics for your business, church, community group, non-profit, school, or team? Content is adaptable for classes, group meetings, lectures, podcasts, radio shows, retreats, seminars, small groups, training sessions, worship services, and more.


Teaching and Application
Any Biblical text, especially Old Testament passages that help readers better understand the New Testament and issues in modern culture and society.

A Contemporary Failure Analysis of the Walls of Jericho
The conquest narrative popularly branded as Joshua and the Battle of Jericho occupies a hallowed place in religious history. Joshua 6 describes a unique strategy resulting in a collapse of Jericho’s fortress walls that enabled the Israelite army to enter and destroy the city. This analysis reviews historical and scientific evidence in conjunction with the biblical text and engineering principles to gauge the plausibility of the account. Based on: (1) the laws of physics; (2) unique situational vulnerabilities; (3) accumulated effects of coordinated, repeated external forcing; and (4) at least one threshold-exceeding trigger, this examination concludes reasonable plausibility that a combination of structurally compromising interactions resulted in stresses that exceeded the strength of the Jericho wall system and initiated a cascading sequence of destruction.

How Many Hebrews is 603,550?
A review of the biblical numbers, descriptive phrases, and money exchange related to adjudicating the Israelite population involved in the Exodus and Joshua’s conquest. Presented in three parts: 1) The Eleph in the Room, 2) Pooh-bah Pictionary, and 3) Money Talks.

The Spurious Way of Jeroboam
A review of God’s promises to Solomon and Jeroboam in I Kings 1-15 with insights on culture and religion throughout history, including today.


Boss Like God
A contemporary, practical review of business relationships recorded in the Old Testament books of the Bible exploring how the Supreme CEO hired, managed, fired, and helped employees leave well. Based on the book, Boss Like God: A Blueprint for Elite Workplace Performance (2018) by K. Lynn Lewis and Beau McBeth. Perfect for leaders, managers, and supervisors, as well as continuing education and staff and team training workshops.


21st Century Communication
A Christian review of communication history, use of media tools and resources, and perspectives on artificial intelligence, social media, and virtual reality.

Fundamentals of Society and Justice
Based on the book, Plight, Revised Edition with small group study guide (2015) by K. Lynn Lewis, explore key social fundamentals always true everywhere all the time in an engaging, enlightening, and stimulating journey to a place where learning never ends and danger never sleeps! Small group study guide helps participants engage in study and reflection on a wide range of critical, relevant, and substantive issues related to society and justice.