Professional communications consultant, writer, editor, publisher, and producer, as well as photographer and graphic designer, since 1998. Books, brochures, bulletins, cards, CD/DVD covers, magazines, newsletters, posters, reports, web content, and more.


The Sentinel magazine is the official publication of The Bible Seminary, published regularly, and distributed to 1000+ businesses, churches, households, and schools across the United States. Founder, Editor-in-Chief since inception, and intermittent Graphic Designer (2012-2014, 2016).

TBS Sentinel, Summer 2019TBS Sentinel, Fall 2018TBS Sentinel, Summer 2017TBS Sentinel, Summer 2016TBS Sentinel, Winter 2016TBS Sentinel, Summer 2015
TBS Sentinel, Spring 2015TBS Sentinel, Summer 2014TBS Sentinel, Winter 2014TBS Sentinel, Summer 2013TBS Sentinel, Winter 2013TBS Sentinel, Fall 2012

The Raider magazine was a 28-36 page publication for Savannah Christian Preparatory School, published quarterly or bi-annually, and distributed to around 7000 households across the United States. Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Graphic Designer (2005-2011).

SCPS Raider, Summer 2011SCPS Raider, Winter 2011SCPS Raider, Summer 2010SCPS Raider, Winter 2010SCPS Raider, Summer 2009SCPS Raider, Winter 2009
SCPS Raider, Summer 2008SCPS Raider, Spring 2008SCPS Raider, Winter 2008SCPS Raider, Fall 2007SCPS Raider, Summer 2007 width=SCPS Raider, Spring 2007
SCPS Raider, Winter 2007SCPS Raider, Fall 2006SCPS Raider, Summer 2006SCPS Raider, Spring 2006SCPS Raider, Winter 2006SCPS Raider, Fall 2005



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