So, you’ve made a definite choice. How do you stick with it? Amidst the shifting winds and crashing waves of feelings and facts, you have the ability and the knowledge to stand firm and be strong, and this you need to do. Day after day, night after night, let nothing move you from your chosen course of action. Not your nemesis, not your friends, not your feelings, not your conflicted thinking or ill considerations rooted in self-righteousness, self-centeredness, desire, or misguided compassion. Be a rock.

For now, perhaps you should avoid frequenting painful or tempting locations. Be absent. Stay out of the way. Completely. Don’t go, don’t go with anyone else, and don’t ask anyone else to go and report back to you. Close the door, close the window, don’t engage in personal or electronic communications, and don’t be sucked into unhealthy interactions. Turn away from the path down which you have traveled, and don’t look back. Not now. Not this season. Be a rock.

Perhaps find a friend or two who is stable, sensible, and stalwart in faith and common sense. Step away from the scene for a time, and find someone or some group that needs help and invest in them for a season. Be strong. Be honest. Repose in the presence of God and give yourself time to find healing, hope, and strength to be the person God designed you to be, and then ask Him to lead you. Act with intention, with fortitude, with a sense of the rest of your lifetime and eternal purpose. Be a rock.

Be not a bubble, tossed to and fro, clinging, blown up and down and all around, at any moment liable to be popped. Halt the drama, step away from the flair and excitement of being whisked. One hour at a time, one day and one night at a time, one week, then another, and another, be a rock, not a bubble.

Published in Meat and Potatoes for the Soul, Copyright © 2013 by K. Lynn Lewis.