Song Title: “To Give My Life Away”
Artist: K. Lynn Lewis
Release date: 9/28/2010
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For those who enjoy giving through service and sacrifice

To Give My Life Away

© 2010 by K. Lynn Lewis

I’m not crazy, I’m okay.
I’ve committed myself to give my life away. (2x)
I’m looking to see who gets a piece of me today.
I’ve committed myself to give my life away. (2x)

Little girl playing in the world
People passing by saying, “Hey!”
But they’re overlooking her,
On the way to where they were,
Ending up the same place every day. (2x)

But, what she really needs
Is some love and hope and peace
From the saints who are passing her by;
What they’ve got to give
Can help everybody live
A better life before and after they die. (2x)


On the court in the park is a marriage in trouble
She’s playing single and he’s playing double.
The man at the table?
The family with the label?
They all need help and would ask if they were able. (2x)

But what they really need
Is an enterprising deed
From a saint taking time to care;
Someone who gets up every day
Looking for a way
To make a difference, if they dare. (2x)

Chorus (2x)