A summary of reasons to conduct biblically based archaeological digs. Features participants in the summer 2018 Tel Shiloh excavations in Israel sponsored by the Associates for Biblical Research and under the direction of archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling. Shot and produced on location by K. Lynn Lewis in association with The Bible Seminary. Piano music “Streams” written and performed by Scotty Lewis, and vocal music “Up to Shiloh” written by K. Lynn Lewis and performed by Val Berger, Sylvia Griffith, Andrew Kvasnica, Suzzane Lattimer, Abigail Leavitt, K. Lynn Lewis, Steven Rudd, Katie Streckert, and Abby Thompson. Drone footage by Greg Gulbrandsen. Video may be used for free for educational and promotional purposes.

© 2018 by the Associates for Biblical Research, The Bible Seminary, and K. Lynn Lewis.