The love of Jesus Christ shared by missionary Tommy Blackburn and friends breaks the power of voodoo and transforms a family’s life.

Video Transcript

This land is dedicated to Satan. Now, it’s hard to imagine, but it’s true – people worship Satan.

In Haiti, they have a lot of sacrifices. Maybe you’ve only got one little chicken, and you’ll kill that chicken and offer it to Satan or to the demons.

Alot of the time, they go to the voodoo priest it is to make them better, healthy, it’s to get somebody to give them money.

Their culture is farming bannanas. Their culture is living in this beautiful area. Their culture is not voodoo.

Voodoo is a lie, and it is a lie of Satan.

No lie can stand up to the truth of the Gospel, so, that’s what we do. We preach truth, and it sets folks free. It’s been doing that for 2000 years.

We went to visit a voodoo priest named Sylvia.

There at her house you could see all the acoutrements of voodoo. Here in Haiti, that stuff is worth big money.

Then she told us that she just didn’t want to have nothing to do with us. That she didn’t need my God, didn’t need us.

My wife told me, she said, “Honey, why don’t we just pray. There ain’t nothing else we can do.”

We prayed there in front of her house. We prayed that God would open up another opportunity for us to speak with this woman.

We said goodbye to her, turned around, and walked off down the hill back to the mission.

She called back to us. She walked inside the house and came back out with a small child that had a hernia. She knew that her magic, her voodoo, couldn’t cure this child, couldn’t fix what was wrong with it, but wanted us to take a look at him here at the mission.

My wife looked at the child, and made arrangements to get the kid seen.

Two days later Sylvia gave her life to Christ.

This is the same woman that didn’t want to have nothing to do with me, or my God.

The following day I came back to her house, and she had destroyed everything. Everything. Everything that was there was laying in a broken heap.

She told me that she had thought about what I had said. She told me that there wasn’t no way, there wasn’t no way she could keep doing both…

© 2002 InspireUSA. Excerpted from “River of Hope” and filmed on location in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti by K. Lynn Lewis.