How did God treat employees? In this contemporary, practical review of business relationships recorded in the Old Testament books of the Bible, the authors of Boss like God explore how the Supreme CEO hired employees, managed them, even fired some, and helped employees execute transitions in leadership. Along with modern-day examples of experiences of others in their workplaces, discover secrets of success and failure, explore key insights beneficial to leading employees and organizations, and learn what to expect from a boss, how to become an exceptional boss if the opportunity arises, and ways to help your boss(es) and others become successful along the way.

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Informative, motivational, and very practical, great for groups seeking to integrate supreme leadership and management insights into their organizational paradigms.


Dr. K. Lynn Lewis is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse professional background of more than 35 years in business, education, and ministry, Dr. Lewis has worked as an engineer, senior pastor, administrator, director, and CEO, and served in leadership in a variety of organizations and on numerous boards. He currently serves as President of The Bible Seminary. Founder of InspireUSA: Celebrating the Best of America®, his productions and publications include many articles, several books, a cable TV show, dissertation, magazines, musicals, songs, videos, and web sites.

Beau McBeth serves as a Strategic Accounts Executive for Hewlett Packard Enterprise within the manufacturing industry of robotics, oil, and gas, power generation and industrial automation. He has managed people and teams within some of the largest organizations in the world, including Shell, ExxonMobil, ABB, Telstra, Verizon, and Schlumberger.

Personal Quotes

Dr. Lewis (KLL), “In my first real paid job, I worked on a farm standing on a steel five-gallon bucket and pounding steel fence posts in the ground with a sledgehammer all day, and then stringing barbed wire. About the same time, I worked as a surveyor’s assistant cutting sight paths about four feet high with a machete through woods and bushes, and pulling chain over hill and vale to measure distances. Then I worked in a hardware store doing sales, stock, inventory and assembly, even going to people’s homes to install appliances, put together bikes, and surprise trampolines at Christmas.

In college, I worked as a free-lance carpenter, caretaker, did greenhouse construction and maintenance for a large university, did technical research for an engineering professor, worked as a traveling minister and musician, and worked as a youth director.

After college, I worked in civil engineering as a hydrologist and wrote programming code to computerize our design processes. Then I worked with my wife in student development at a private college, in audio and visual communications during graduate school, then served as a pastor, cable TV preacher, board member and CEO of various non-profit organizations, taught school, engaged in cutting-edge research about the emerging Internet with numerous organizations across the country for several years, started an AV/web production and media communications company, worked in development, alumni, and more in private K-12 education, and have most recently helped launch and lead a graduate school.

Also, though vast and varied, my work and career path has provided amazing opportunities for adventure, growth, learning, and service beyond my wildest dreams. I believe along the way God wanted to use me where I was, but was also always preparing me for where He wanted me to be. At this point, I have been mostly continuously employed AND in-training for more than four decades, and I expect that duality to continue for the rest of my life here, and probably in the hereafter.”

Mr. McBeth (BM), “As a follower of Jesus Christ, I passionately pursue a life of adventure aligned to my divine calling(s), in covenant marriage, as a committed father, marketplace missionary, mentor, and servant-leader in business management.

My mom planted mustard seeds of faith early in my life, as well as encouraged creative use of my God-given athletic gifts. My dad inspired me academically and provided entrepreneurial inspiration. I had the privilege of earning athletic (tennis) and academic (Lindsay Shaefor) scholarships which enabled me to complete a dual BBA in Marketing and Management Information Systems at Sam Houston State University with honors. I co-founded and sold a successful start-up business while working at a technology incubation venture capital firm. As a continuous learner, professional certifications in Network Engineering and Systems Architecture has led me to an exciting career in a variety of disciplines in emerging technology product development, delivery, strategy, operations, sales, financial stewardship, talent development, and program management at some of the world’s largest organizations, including Hewlett Packard, Telstra, and Verizon.

I currently serve as a General Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise within Enterprise Top Accounts in the Manufacturing Industries Segment including Robotics and Motion, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Industrial Automation. I use organizational decision rights to lead a global team of multidisciplinary technologists, service delivery professionals and business managers as we strive to delivery meaningful results for our customers, our company, and ourselves. We focus on bringing together the brightest minds to create breakthrough technology solutions that advance the way our world lives and works. I also serve as Co-Founder of Marketplace Missionaries, as Board Member and Stewardship Director of the Christians@Work Fellowship, and as a mentor for young professional men in discipleship through Cru Houston and Church Project in The Woodlands, Texas.

My purpose is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever, advancing the Kingdom of God on earth while engaging, encouraging, and equipping colleagues to restore workplace vitality through gospel transformation.

I hope we can work together to help accelerate the age of digital augmentation and create the future of work and organizational health through agile workplace experiences using principles outlined in this blueprint for elite workplace performance.