Banquets of creative maybles written to educate, entertain, and inspire, Meat and Potatoes for the Soul series books contain an article a day for a month plus one (32 chapters). Stimulating, enlightening, downright fun, and perfect for creative and thought-provoking devotionals, handy for travel, and great for gifts! Unforgettable characters in stories about Bitter and Better, Cant and Able, The Big Wheel, Malice in Wonderland, and The Resurrection, and journey paths of deeper thinking about faith, family, government, society, and justice.

Also, check out Meat and Potatoes for the Soul 2!

What is a “mayble”?

  1. An article, poem, or story through which a person might be able to learn something.
  2. A thought-provoking allegory, documentary, homily, quote, parable, or treatise.