Some additional videos shot and produced by K. Lynn Lewis.

Feed a 1000 – This three minute fundraising video details the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s vision to feed an additional 1000 children a day at their new facility in St. Louis du Nord.  They already feed nearly 3000 people each day in six schools through their  other programs at the mission compound.

Funastics – This three minute promotional video provides an overview of the Pre-K children’s exercise program offered by Funastics. Offered as an optional, on-site component to preschool and daycare classes, the program provides a combination of physical exercise and intellectual stimulation specifically designed for young children.

Gates of Splendor – This fifteen minute video provides an overview of the vast work of the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  The video includes mission personnel sharing ministry highlights and visions of future ministry over the next 30 years. Areas covered include the infant and elderly programs, feeding programs, medical ministries, orphanages, primary schools, Bible College, and plans to expand to as many as sixty cities to reach the entire northwest region.

Journey Christian Church – This eleven minute promotional video provides an overview of Journey Christian Church, a new church plant in New Orleans, LA.  In addition to detailing their local vision of reaching New Orleans and broader vision to spearhead a church planting movement of Christian Churches in major metropolitan areas of the United States, the video includes a moving testimony by Mike (“Cajun Conversion“), an avid Christian Motorcyclists Association biker and founding church member.

Jesus Bound – This five-minute music video offering encouraging scenes of faith in action and a call to persevere no matter, accompanied by an original song by K. Lynn Lewis available on iTunes.

The Legacy – This five-minute video, debuted at the Savannah Christian Preparatory School Gala, includes various alumni reflecting on their educational experiences at Savannah Christian Preparatory School. They also offer perspectives on the present and future of the school, sharing their hopes for current and future generations of students.

Mark Richt Testimony – This twenty-eight minute video captures a private interview with University of Georgia Coach Mark Richt sharing his testimony in his office in Athens, Georgia. Produced for a large youth rally and shown in the Savannah Civic Center, the video includes an overview of Coach Richt’s life, conversion, passion, and challenge to youth of today.

Medical Ministries – This five minute video provides an overview of numerous Northwest Haiti Christian Mission medical ministries, including the Birthing Center, Children’s clinic, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, Lab, Pharmacy, and Surgery and Recovery units.  The video also includes inspirational highlights and encouragement to other medical personnel to join their work in Haiti.

The Miracle – This seven-minute video provides an exciting glimpse into the history and vision of Savannah Christian Preparatory School, an independent, non-denominational pre-kindergarten through 12th grade college preparatory school located in Savannah, Georgia.  Includes a recounting by one of the school’s founders of the miracle which helped launch the school, as well as a synchronized game film and radio broadcast football flashback to the famous “Red Alert” drive of 80 yards in the final 34 seconds of the 1981 championship game.

Mission Possible – This eight-minute video includes interviews with Savannah Christian  Preparatory School faculty and staff sharing their personal experiences at the school – as employees, parents, students, and more.  The video incorporates a mix of fast-paced action and reflection that is challenging, humorous, informative and touching.

River of Hope – This fourteen minute video provides an overview of the work of the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti.  Beginning with a four minute music video set to the music of “Captured,” sung by recording artist Chris Tomlin, the video includes brief highlights of many of the Mission’s northwest Haitian programs. The video also includes a dramatic story (“Saved By the Cross“) of how the large, lighted cross in St. Louis du Nord helped save the lives of 43 persons lost at sea, and an inspirational story of the conversion of Sylvia (“Voodoo No More“), a former voodoo priestess.

Savannah Christian Church – This four-minute video recaps the history of Savannah Christian Church and shares the vision of a new ministry in a new location. Prepared during a capital campaign to help fund a new campus, the video provided the first glimpse many in the congregation ever saw of the planned facilities by integrating a revolving scale model and real photos to reveal the planned facilities to the congregation.

SCPS Celebrate 2010 – This nearly 10 minute video produced for the 59th birthday celebration of Savannah Christian Preparatory School includes an introduction by SCPS leaders, a prayer by the headmaster, and highlights of 59 things to love about SCPS.

Shalah Orphanage – This five minute video that provides an overview of the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission orphanage in Port de Paix, Haiti.  The orphanage currently helps provide clothing, education, food, health services, love and spiritual nurture to approximately one hundred children.

Spreading the Gospel Through Ultrasound – This eight minute video highlights the work of UnitsUSA (Ultrasound Network Interpretation and Training in Underserved Areas).  Founded by a group of U.S. radiologists, the video highlights their ministry of providing portable ultrasound machines and networking radiologists with mission projects around the world.

St. Andrew’s School – This five minute promotional video provides an overview of St. Andrew’s School, a non-sectarian, independent, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, college preparatory school located on Wilmington Island, twelve miles east of the city of Savannah, Georgia.

Unveiled – This four minute video details the vision of Savannah Christian Church to offer vital assistance to disabled persons and their families in the Savannah, Georgia region. This video incorporates an original music video set to the music “Image Of,” sung by recording artist Michelle Tumes.