My keys were on the table,
Now I don’t know where they are,
And that’s a bit of a problem,
I need keys to drive my car.
But, if I can’t find them,
I know just what to do,
I will go and get my phone,
Then I’ll be calling you.

My phone was on the counter,
Now I can’t find it at all,
And that’s a bit of a problem,
Since I need to make a call.
But, if I can’t find it,
I’ve something else to grab,
Then I can step outside,
And hail myself a cab.

My wallet was on the desk,
Last time I saw it yesterday,
But now I don’t know where it is,
And I have no money to pay.
But, if I can’t find it,
I’m not one to balk,
The weather’s not too bad today,
Maybe I’ll just walk.

I tossed my jacket somewhere,
Last time I came inside,
But now it seems elusive,
And I’ve searched far and wide.
But, if I can’t find it,
I can be so bold,
As to brave the elements alone,
Because it’s really not that cold.

My shoes were in the dining room,
Or, maybe over there,
But now I don’t know where they are,
And I need something to wear.
But, if I can’t find them,
It doesn’t worry me,
I’ll just stay home today,
And watch movies on TV.

The remotes were in the living room
But somewhere they’ve ALL gone,
And without at least one control,
I can’t turn the TV on!
But, if I can’t find them,
I like to be well read,
So, I’ll just go grab my book,
And crawl back into bed.

My bed was in the bedroom,
I know that it was there,
Where did all those clothes come from,
Piled up everywhere?
But, if I can’t find a place,
To rest and still abide,
I can exit and enjoy,
A little time outside.

My neighborhood is nice enough,
But, now I’m feeling mocked;
For when I stepped myself outside,
The door behind me locked.
Of course, I like the sunshine,
I like the gentle breeze,
But, I’ve got things I need do,
And I’d love to find my keys.


I have a high IQ,
Really, yes, I do.
My neurons fire far and wide,
My brain is brilliant deep inside,
I’m often victorious in things I’ve tried.
Most people think I’m smart.

You want to make a pun?
We can have hours of fun!
Just say one thing,
And I will bring,
The wit war zing.
No one can match me.

I have a master list,
Of things to do I’ve missed.
But, when I move from here to there,
I see other things for which I care,
Great opportunities everywhere!
I often get distracted.

I started toward the kitchen,
To put a blue bowl in the sink,
But, walking by the refrigerator,
I decided to get a drink.
But, a dirty towel on the counter,
Called out to my brain,
“Take me now, and wash me!”
How could I refrain?

So, I gathered up a load of clothes,
Whites and colors, friends and foes,
Tossed them in with soap? Who knows?
Whatever, I will check later,
Since now I am playing the piano.

And there is a blue bowl sitting beside me on the bench.
And the washer is silent.
And I want cookies.
Did I already fix cookies?
Hmm, I wonder what is on TV?
Hey, my phone just buzzed, so don’t bother me,
I am laser focusing my powerful mind on the task at hand!